I don’t think I’ve always been a risk taker, and to be quite honest, I’m not a big risk taker, but I have definitely got a lot in my life over the last few years out of taking chances.


Going to a job interview I never thought I had a chance in hell of getting through, turned out to be one of the most formative chances I could ever have taken – the job may be long gone now but it was a turning point in boosting my confidence and overcoming some serious anxiety issues.

That was my starting point, a true defining time in my life. And if I hadn’t gone? Who knows.

I remember the phone call where I was offered the job, my new boss had to spend a good 10 minutes convincing me that she actually did want me on her team. That was how intensely I didn’t believe that taking that chance could ever pay off.


Big chances, little chances, they crop up every day. Ignoring them is a sure fire way to find yourself stuck in a major rut. And that’s a habit we all need to kick.

When to take that leap:

  • Whatever it is, it just feels right – you can’t imagine a future in which you haven’t ever tried it.
  • It scares you, a mild-to-moderate amount.
  • You can see the outcome, in your wildest dreams somewhere.
  • It just won’t get out of your brain.
  • It just makes sense to you.

Maybe it’s time to say yes.

Once you start taking chances you can open up infinite new + exciting possibilities.

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I think for me (and perhaps a lot of people) this year will be about being grateful. For what we have and the people in our lives. So what better way to kick off a year of gratitude than by sending out some thank you letters?

Download Thank You Printable Blue – The World Needs More People Like You

Download Thank You Printable Yellow – You Make Things A Bit Cheerier

Download Thank You Printable Pink – I Couldn’t Function Like A Human Without You

Download Thank You Printable Orange – Looking At Your Lovely Face Makes Me Happy

Not got the words? Why not nip over to The Terrific Project Facebook page and share a quick thank you on your BFFs wall?


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I can’t quite believe that 2015 is here! And on top of that I can’t believe I’m writing this post from our new home.

I’m surrounded by boxes, sitting on a mattress and typing on my phone because the computer isn’t set up here yet but after 6 months living in total flux between various family members houses it is SO nice to be here.


We are definitely ready for a fresh start and I hope to use this blog to document our journey through 2015.

Once I get my printer out I will dutifully be playing catch up with my New Years resolutions printables and setting some killer goals – I’ve got high hopes for the coming year and couldn’t be more excited.




Last year I blogged some free printables for making the most of your resolutions for the new year and they went down a treat – so to help you kick off your terrific year I’ve given them a little facelift.

If you need some tips on writing killer goals for your new year resolutions just check this out.

Firstly here is a spotty little page to give you a little steer for your goals for the year:


Terrific 2015 Resolutions – Click Here To Download Printable

Next let’s break it down a little to monthly targets to help you kick your resolutions into touch…


Monthly Goal Breakdown – Click Here To Download Printable

And finally so teeny little tick sheets for your teeny little weekly to-dos…


Weekly Goals Tick Sheet – Click Here To Download Printable

Or of course if you want something a little more beautiful why not grab a desk pad to use for your week-to-week organisation?

And if you want to get involved with the terrific project the planners and calendars are all in a super duper sale so there’s no excuse now.

Show me how you use your’s and your killer goals using #theterrificproject and happy new year everyone!